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Herbal Smoking Blend - Good Vibes - 1/2 oz.
Herbs for Tea
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Spirit Rising is passionate about empowering one to heal oneself! We travel all over the North America to bring our Mobile Metaphysical Market & Apothecary to you! If you know of a festival, healers gathering, drum circle, or other event that has spiritual people please contact us with the information.

We strive to provide you with excellent services & ethically made/collected supplies to help you live a life that is in alignment with God/Godess/Source/Spirit/Creator and your highest self!

Testimonials & Feedback

"I love it a lot so I ordered more. It came so quickly and well packed! Gratitude"


"You're acting as the connection, the bridge for many people. Some who don't even know it yet! You're linking the ancient healing spirit to our poisoned American bodies!" 

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