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Spirit Drum Workshop Information, Deposit & Registration

Spirit Drum Workshop Information, Deposit & Registration

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Unleash the rhythm of nature with a Spirit Drum - where craftsmanship meets ceremony. Secure your spot in our Spirit Drum Creation/Birthing/Building Workshop today and experience the art of bringing your medicine drum to life, using sustainably harvested hides.


REGISTRATION (THE DEPOSIT) MUST BE PAID ON OR BEFORE the due date. Any deposits made after that without contacting Angela first will be refunded, minus any fees incurred.

Workshop City Deadline: Workshop Date:
Hochoka Retreat CLOSED Sept 30 & OCt 1
Lake Norman, NC

Sept 24


Oct 15
Moncks Corner, SC Sept 28 Oct 28
Marcellus, NY  Oct 2 Oct 5 (special case)
Melbourne, FL Oct 25 Nov 25 (see event page)
Melbourne, FL Jan 3 Feb 3 (see event page)
Sachus, GA March 13 April 13


Spirit Rising is thrilled to partner with various people and businesses all over the country to bring you the opportunity to bring your medicine drum to life!

After reading everything on this page, you can use the links at the bottom to pay your deposit and final balance due.

This is an opportunity to discover the ancient art of Native American-style frame drum making through our Spirit Drum Creation Workshop. This deposit secures your spot in this unique and enriching experience, where you will learn modern techniques from expert craftspeople. Our sustainably harvested hides ensure a high-quality product that honors both the animal and its spiritual significance. You gain a beautiful instrument with exceptional sound quality. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, and musical enrichment today!

The remaining balance is due at the workshop. If you choose the 10" deer drum, your deposit is $100, and you will owe $11 at the workshop. We offer frame drum making workshops in 10" (child sized), 12", 14", 15" and 16" sizes, subject to availability.

  • Create your own ancient tribal style frame drum and connect with its significance.
  • The sustainably harvested hides used in the workshop ensure ethical production practices.
  • With a $100 deposit, secure your spot at Spirit Drum Creation Workshop and take home a beautiful, well-crafted drum.
  • Build community with other adults in your area.

Deer - Teaches us to follow its example in #unconditionallove, #kindness & #trust. Balances the #heartchakra.

Elk gives stamina, endurance & the ability to pace oneself. It balances the solar plexus chakra.

Buffalo is associated with wisdom and abundance. It's used when we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones. Buffalo teaches us to honor the paths of all as we walk with Spirit. 
*Buffalo is advanced and must talk to Angela to order.

Click here to pay your deposit.
Contact us to build an advanced drum or larger size.
Click here to pay your final balance (coming soon)
Click here to find out what to bring and expect.
Click here to learn how to care for your drum.

By registering for this event, you acknowledge that this is a deposit, and there will be more money due at the time of the workshop. If you gave an email, you will be emailed a final balance and information after we complete the order for your supplies. There are times when we need to contact you to change sizes because of availability. Please be sure you give us good contact information when you pay your deposit.

$100 Deposits are required one month before the workshop. Fully refundable UNTIL 30 days before the workshop. If you must cancel after that, please give us 48 hours notice! Once we put the hides into the water, they must be made. See below for more details on the cancelation policy.

The cancelation policy on drum birthing workshops depends on how much notice you give:

  • 31 days' notice- Full refund issued, minus fees incurred.
  • 48 hours' notice - we will reschedule you at our convenience.
  • less than 48 hours' notice - we will build the drum for you. You can pay the balance due & shipping to receive it or use your deposit as store credit for any of our items within 60 days of your scheduled workshop. Store credit not used within 60 days will be considered a donation to Spirit Risings travel funds.
  • We will only reschedule you one time. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Drum Come True

I have always dreamed of owning a drum, but never thought of making one for myself. Taking this workshop with Angela and Mike was an incredible experience for me. Before getting started they performed a clearing ceremony so that we could really connect with our drum. They were very organized and patient with each of us newbies. They explained everything in detail in the crafting and spiritual side of the drum. They played beautiful music while we were working. It was peaceful and relaxing as we were creating and connecting with our drum. Everyone in the class was a joy to meet. So friendly sharing stories of what brought them to the class. Afterwards we sat in a circle with our drums as Angela and Mike did a guided meditation. I felt so connected to my drum. It was mine and it spoke to me. My overall thought is just do it. Don't hesitate. This class/experience was worth every penny. And we couldn't have had better teachers. Love them both

Awe, thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled to have helped your a dream come true!

Shawn McStravick
Magical Experience!

Angela and Mike were the most patient, gentle guides in birthing my first drum. I highly recommend them as guides whether it's your first time or your a seasoned builder. They made the experience fun, intimate, and absolutely magical!

We're so glad that you enjoyed the experience!

Beautiful day creating my drum

I really and truly enjoyed the creation of my drum. I’ll be making more with them in the future!

Alma Groome
Drum Workshop with Spirit Rising Florida

For a very long time I felt the call to build a spirit drum but the right opportunity had been elusive. That all changed when I received the email from Spirit Rising offering a day long workshop to build a 14" Deer drum. I paused for only a fraction of a second before hitting the purchase button, answering the call, and signing up. Anticipation built and built until July 2nd arrived and I drove to the workshop.

It was the most amazing experience possible. From the moment, I arrived and throughout the day, Mike and Angela were the most wonderful facilitators. They allowed the experience to unfold in a ceremonial way - guiding me to call in the my spirit and my heart to play with and layer in with the deer as the drum came to life. Their instructions were clear and they answered any and every question and need for assistance. When my drum decided she needed a little more attention through lacing and re-lacing, they were patient and kind.

If you feel the call to build your own drum, you don't need to look further than a workshop with these two beautiful human beings. You will leave with a gorgeous instrument connected to you in ways you cannot fathom having had an experience that will stay with you for quite some time.

OMG Alma, your review is so amazing and generous! I even have a couple tears in the corner of my eyes!!! I can't wait to share your review with Mike. He's not usually as emotional as I am, nor is he on his moon cycle, so he might not cry, but I know he will appreciate it too!!

Thank you so much!