Collection: Beaded Intention Bracelets & Necklaces

Angela makes amazing beaded jewelry with pure divine intentions, especially for you!

For custom orders, please send a message to with your wrist or neck measurement (or let me know if the ones you see in stores fit fine), color preference, and what you would like your bracelet to help you with. The bracelets are made with high quality stretch cord. Through normal daily use, don't be surprised if it needs to be restrung annually. You can ship it back to me for that!

Allow time for Angela to sit with your intention and make you something truly powerful! When you order, she will contact you with an estimate for shipping time; usually within a few days.

The bracelets shown MIGHT still be available. If not, something similar can probably be made, if you like.

The wood you see in almost all the bracelets is sustainably harvested palo santo. It smells amazing, and hold it's scent for a months, even when you wear it daily. If you want the smell to last longer, you can store the bracelet in a baggie when it's not being worn. 

Most of the beads are picked out in person, for the highest quality and energy! The pictures don't do them justice, we need to get better at that!