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Advent Package - Christmas

Advent Package - Christmas

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Countdown to Christmas by opening a pouch a day, with each one containing a magical surprise!

They will be marked so that you can learn more about what you have. You might get herbs, crystals, candles, salts, or any other wonderful tool to use in your pagan practice. 


We're taking pre-orders now, so we know how many to make! They will ship in plenty of time for the countdown to start on the 1st of December!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kiki Poirier
10/10 highly recommend

My hubs surprised me with this advent calendar and it was by far top of my favorite gifts ever list! This created memories for me and my little as we do advent calendars for her every year and she couldn’t wait to see what I got each morning. I have officially began my herb collection thru this gift too. Some days I was covered in goosebumps with how fitting that item was for me/that day. I felt the love and intentions in every bag. I especially love how informative each item was described. I know exactly what it’s for and how to use it. It’s a gift that keeps giving ❣️ Opening a little something everyday definitely kept me in the spirit of Christmas also 😉 10/10 I would recommend! Can’t wait for next year!!!

Thank you Kiki! We're glad you had fun, and I look forward to making one for next year!!! Angela


Absolutely loved my advent calender, everything was labeled. Beautiful crystals and wonderful herbs.

Thank you!!!!