Register for your Spirit Drum Workshop

Unleash the rhythm of nature with a Spirit Drum - where craftsmanship meets ceremony. Secure your spot in our Spirit Drum Creation Workshop today and experience the art of giving birth to a drum, using sustainably harvested hides.

REGISTRATION (THE DEPOSIT) MUST BE PAID ON OR BEFORE the due date. We occasionally have extra kits, and those will be available to purchase after the deadline, when possible. 

Workshop City Deadline: Workshop Date:
Huntersville, NC PRIVATE GROUP Sept 20
Huntersville, NC August 22

Sept 22

Bluffton, SC Sept 13

Oct 13


 Spirit Rising is thrilled to partner with various people and businesses all over the country to bring you the opportunity to bring your medicine drum to life!

After reading everything on this page, you can use the links at the bottom to pay your deposit and final balance due.

This is an opportunity to discover the ancient art of Native American-style frame drum making through our Spirit Drum Creation Workshop. This deposit secures your spot in this unique and enriching experience, where you will learn modern techniques from expert craftspeople. Our sustainably harvested hides ensure a high-quality product that honors both the animal and its spiritual significance. You gain a beautiful instrument with exceptional sound quality. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, and musical enrichment today!

The remaining balance is due at the workshop. If you choose the 10" deer drum, your deposit is $100, and you will owe $44 at the workshop. We offer frame drum making workshops in 10", 12", 14", 15" and 16" sizes, subject to availability.

  • Create your own ancient tribal-style frame drum and connect with its significance.
  • The sustainably harvested hides used in the workshop ensure ethical production practices.
  • With a $100 deposit, secure your spot at Spirit Drum Creation Workshop and take home a beautiful, well-crafted drum.

$100 Deposits are required one month before the workshop. Fully refundable UNTIL 30 days before the workshop. If you must cancel after that, please give us 48 hours notice! Once we put the hides into the water, they must be made. See below for more details on the cancelation policy.

This is not a children's activity. There are many reasons for this, and we ask that you help us maintain a sacred and quiet space by not bringing anyone along who isn't registered to give birth to a drum. The only exception is if you would like to co-create a spirit drum with your life partner. Thank you! 

Deer - Teaches us to follow its example in #unconditionallove, #kindness & #trust. Balances the #heartchakra.

Elk gives stamina, endurance & the ability to pace oneself. It balances the solar plexus chakra.

Buffalo is associated with wisdom and abundance. It's used when we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones. Buffalo teaches us to honor the paths of all as we walk with Spirit. 
Buffalo is advanced and must talk to Angela to order.

The cancelation policy on drum birthing workshops depends on how much notice you give:

  • 48 hours' notice - we will reschedule you at our convenience.
  • less than 48 hours' notice - we will build the drum for you. You can pay the balance due & shipping to receive it or use your deposit as store credit for any of our items within 60 days of your scheduled workshop. Store credit not used within 60 days will be considered a donation to Spirit Risings travel funds.
  • We will only reschedule you one time. 

Click here to pay your deposit.
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Click here to learn how to care for your drum.
Click here to see the difference between 12", 14" and 16" buffalo drums.
Click here to see how to wrap your buckskin onto your dried drum.

By registering for this event, you acknowledge that this is a deposit, and there will be more money due at the time of the workshop. If you gave an email, you will be emailed a final balance and information after we complete the order for your supplies. There are times when we need to contact you to change sizes because of availability. Please be sure you give us good contact information when you pay your deposit.