Collection: Tinctures in Alcohol or Vegetable Glycerin

A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract. The tinctures made by Spirit Rising are all two liquid ounces. They are made with either 100% pure grain Vodka ($12) or vegetable glycerin ($16), and the (usually organic) herbs that we carry.

Tincture Benefits:

  • Convenient (keep it anywhere it isn't easy to brew tea)
  • Stays potent much longer (especially if you keep it out of direct light)
  • Easier to administer.
  • Taste it for less time than a tea.
  • Less volume per dose
  • Can be added to other liquids to hide the taste from picky people.

We can make any of our herbs into tinctures for you. The process takes up to 6 weeks, depending on the moon cycle, it could be longer. We need the non-refundable payment in advance. Feel free to send us a message to get an estimate.

Shipping on liquids can only be done through UPS ground, starting at $9.