Collection: Custom Created Spirit Drums

We require a deposit* of $125.  When the drum is complete, you will be sent an invoice for the balance due and the shipping (approximately $30, it varies and might be more). After final payment is received, we will ship your drum asap.

We're dedicated to creating a spirit drum that suits your needs and desires; that you connect with easily. Contact us first if you want to discuss what this means for you. Is it a journey drum? Are you doing energy work? Is it to work with yourself or with others? All of these things, or anything else you can think of, are good for us to know.

Contact us to discuss your needs and wants concerning your personal Spirit Drum to ensure that the drum we create for you has the right intent and energy for you. Each drum comes complete with a drumstick, care sheet, and organic shea butter. Custom orders take at least 3 - 4 weeks for completion. We will keep you updated. Contact us first if you are on a deadline.

Pricing varies with size of frame and type of rawhide used.


Hide & Size 12" 14" 15" 16" 18" 20"
Deer $180 $205 $225 $250 $280 $315
Elk $195 $220 $240 $265 $295 $330
Moose $210 $235 $255 $280 $310 $345
Buffalo $225 $250 $270 $295 $325 $360
Horse $250 $300 $325 $345 $375 $410


Deer - Opens the heart chakra. The gentle spirit of the deer teaches us to follow its example in unconditional love, kindness and trust.

Elk gives the stamina, endurance & ability to pace yourself as you go through the edges from the known to the unknown. The vibration of elk opens the third chakra, the solar plexus.

Moose is associated with self-esteem and trusting ourselves to act in the moment and to share our joy. The vibration of moose helps open the crown chakra to receive information from the divine, and to know when to share what with whom.

Buffalo is associated with Wisdom and Abundance. It's used when we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones, drumming Buffalo opens the door to that vibration. Buffalo teaches us to honor the paths of all as we walk with Spirit.

Horse is associated with travel and unearthly power. Dreamers often ride a horse to other realms.

*The deposit in NON_REFUNDABLE. If you change your mind, you will be issued store credit.