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Sel Gris Salt - Unrefined Grey Sea Salt - 1 oz.

Sel Gris Salt - Unrefined Grey Sea Salt - 1 oz.

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Sel Gris Sea Salt. 1 oz

Fine Grind. Kosher. From France. Sel Gris is an unrefined grey sea salt, harvested using traditional Celtic methods. It is known for its beautiful grey color, extraordinary mineral content, and lower sodium content. Full flavored, but not too salty, it is one of the tastiest and healthiest of all sea salts. The fine grind can be sprinkled directly onto your food, making this the perfect table salt. The coarse grind is great for cooking and baking, adding a little crunch to your favorite recipes!

Ancients used salt for protection, cleansing, absorbing negativity & purification. Sel Gris salt is especially good at balancing, binding, curse-breaking & grounding.

It will dissolve in the bath. 

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