How to work with Mapacho

(Nicotiana Rustica) 

We feel it’s important to share a bit of history and information about this powerful spiritual teacher plant and ally, Mapacho. This is a wild tobacco that grows in the jungles of the Amazon. Shamans have been using Mapacho to assist with healing for thousands of years. Many even believe it was Mapacho who taught our ancestors how to brew Ayahuasca.

Mapacho can be used for cleansing and purification of spirit & body. It can also be used for grounding of self and others. It's important to thank Mapacho each time you work with him. Please always work with Mapacho respectfully, with gratitude, in a Ceremonial way. 

He is a powerful teacher, and he does not want to be smoked in combination with other plant medicines. He allows the addition of sacred plant ash to make rapé, only because Mapacho cannot be absorbed into the pineal gland without it.

Warning: Mapacho is NOT to be inhaled, ever. To do so is to disrespect the medicine, and physically to risk nicotine intoxication and even death. This tobacco is 13 - 17% stronger than western made cancer sticks. This is NOT a replacement or alternative to western cigarettes. 

Ways that Michael works with Mapacho:

To cleanse negativity (blown across the body)

To diagnose energy blockages (blown across the body)

It's also used to ground a person or group. You do this by swallowing (not inhaling) the smoke.

As incense or for smudging (rolled up or on a fire/charcoal)

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