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Rapé, Rapeh, Rapay, Shamanic Snuff
Rapé, Rapeh, Rapay, Shamanic Snuff
Rapé, Rapeh, Rapay, Shamanic Snuff

Universal Love Rapé - with Bobinsana -1 gram

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1 gram of Universal Love Rapé with Bobinsana.

Made by Spirit Rising with Mapacho and Cetico ash. This is a mild, earthing blend of rapé that is super grounding. It helps increase vitality, release stuck energy, and boost your mood. An excellent start to your day, meditation, or shamanic journey. It helps you to be present in the moment and fills you with joy. We sing songs and Icaros to the medicines as we make our rapé.

You have option to have additional Master Plants added to the base rapé to bring different healing abilities to the medicine.

Bobinsana - Opens the heart chakra, aids in a stronger connection to the Spirit Realm, boosts energy levels, helps you be more compassionate, and gives you strength to help you stand in YOUR purpose and personal power.

Catuaba -  Boosts libido and sexual function. It also helps with depression, eases anxiety, reduces stress levels and insomnia, and improves memory. 

Chiric Sanango - Opens the 3rd eye and shatters the veil of illusions. Assists in emotional release. Boosts clarity, confidence, and helps you appreciate the connection of everything.

Guayasa - Boosts energy levels, heightens "shamanic journey recall,  Teaches you how to over-come your fears and remain calm during hard times.

Piri' Piri’ de vibora - Promotes spiritual growth and will help you wind down and get a good night’s sleep. Boosts your lucid dreams. 

Wild Garlic - Helps you gain strength and clarity. Purifies the mind and body. Helps you to know and follow your way.