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Spirit Drum Workshop FINAL BALANCE

Spirit Drum Workshop FINAL BALANCE

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If you do not get an email within 2 days of the workshop, please check your spam, then contact us for important information. This will happen RAIN OR SHINE! (Will reschedule if extreme weather occurs). 

  • The remaining balance is due at the workshop.
  • Please come 15 to 30 minutes early if you are paying the morning of the workshop. If you use a card or tap to pay, there will be a 3.2% convenience fee added.
  • You are welcome to pay it now if you want.

CLICK THIS LINK AND READ ALL OF THE VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION IF YOU DID NOT READ IT IN YOUR EMAIL YET.  We want you to be fully prepared for the amazing, beautiful, intense day you are about to experience.

    Drums are the heartbeat of Mother Earth. ​

    $100 Deposits are required one month before the workshop. Fully refundable until 30 days before the workshop. If you should need to cancel after that, you may apply your entire deposit to a drum created by Spirit Rising, or as a credit for other items that we sell.

    A gentle reminder of the cancellation policy that you acknowledged when you paid your deposit. 


    $100 Deposits are required one month before Spirit Drum Creation workshops. There are no refunds. If you must cancel, please give us 48 hours' notice! Once we put the hides into the water, they must be made the next day. 

    The cancelation policy on drum birthing workshops depends on how much notice you give:

    • 48 hours' notice - we will reschedule you at our convenience.
    • Less than 48 hours' notice - we will build the drum for you. You can pay the balance due & shipping to receive it or use your deposit as store credit for any of our items within 60 days of your scheduled workshop. Store credit not used within 60 days will be considered a donation to Spirit Risings travel funds.
    • We will only reschedule you one time. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    William Brown
    An Amazing Time!

    Thank you for bringing this amazing gift to our space for all to enjoy! The energy that both of you provided during the drum birthing experience could be felt deep in my being! I would love to experience this again.

    Thank you, Will! Michael and I truly enjoyed bringing the drum-birthing medicine to the Treehouse! We would love to come back!

    April Gaskins
    Wonderful Experience

    I can't say enough how happy I am to have taken your Drum Workshop. It was fun, engaging and I enjoyed the day with wonderful people. The hardest part of the entire process is waiting the full time for the drum to dry. I must say when it did, I was extremely happy with the sound it made. All the guidance given in your workshop paid off. I plan to use the sound for myself and others healing. I will forever be grateful that you came to our area to share this special workshop and for our local Tree House community for hosting such an event. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. A Gaskins

    Michael and I are so happy to hear this! I agree, waiting for the drum to dry is the hardest part!!!! Angela

    Krista Whalen
    Spirit drum birthing workshop

    This was such a wonderful event. Mike and Angela made this event sacred yet approachable. I highly recommend!

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