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Sacred Ash for making your own rape'- 1 gram

Sacred Ash for making your own rape'- 1 gram

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1 gram of finely powdered Sacred Ash for making your own Rape'. It is not a finished product, you can not use this on it's own. You will need to add Mapacho.

Cetico Leaf Ash - This is a mild, "earthing" ash that is super grounding. It helps increase vitality, release stuck energy, and boost your mood. An excellent start to your day, meditation, or shamanic journey. It helps you to be present in the moment and fills you with joy.

 Cacao Bark Ash - This is a strong, super grounding rapé that helps you to connect to the Spirit of "Universal Love". It helps bring clarity, balance, and peace of mind; in order to help you along the path your higher self desires to walk.

Cannonball (Ayahuma) - Trauma release

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