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Rattle Workshop - Buffalo

Rattle Workshop - Buffalo

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Large round style Buffalo rattle workshop.

Michael & Angela are sacred tool creators & energy workers. With their gentle guidance, you create your Buffalo Spirit Rattle. In this workshop you will gain a deep connection to your rattle through shamanic journeying. You will learn how to work with Buffalo to create abundance and connect to your ancestors & guides.

This is a large round style rattle. The stick is about 9” Long. The rawhide is 6” x 5” wide.  The rawhide has already been formed for you. You will be removing the sand, tightening the stitches, filling the rattle, and connecting in meditation. Once you get home with it, you can add adornments as desired.

Buffalo medicine is used to call upon the guides & ancestors in prayer & gratitude. It is also used in gratitude and to draw abundance.

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