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10 grams Universal Love Rape' for ebay - Spirit Rising
10 grams of basic Rapeh for ebay - Spirit Rising

10 grams of basic Rapeh for ebay

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10 grams of your choice of a basic blend, no additional herbs added. (applicator/kuripe not included)

Made by Spirit Rising with Mapacho and either Cacao ash,  Cetico ash, or a combination of the 2. This is a mild, earthing blend of rapé that is super grounding. It helps increase vitality, release stuck energy, and boost your mood. An excellent start to your day, meditation, or shamanic journey. It helps you to be present in the moment and fills you with joy. We sing songs and Icaros to the medicines as we make our rapé. 

We have additional herbs added to the base rapé to bring different healing abilities to the medicine, please see other listings for options. 


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