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Cinnamon Sticks - Cinnamomum burmanii - 2 oz. (app. 9 sticks)

Cinnamon Sticks - Cinnamomum burmanii - 2 oz. (app. 9 sticks)

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Cinnamon Sticks (Cinnamomum verum). Common name: Ceylon.

These organic sticks from Sri Lanka are 5 inches long. It has a smooth flavor that makes it great for baking or putting on hot foods and drinks. It can help reduce body fat and the top blood pressure number. Also used to slow pre-diabetes.

The biggest advantage of Ceylon Cinnamon, or “true” cinnamon, is its ultra-low Coumarin levels. Coumarin in high doses may not be good for the liver, so for people who take Cinnamon on a daily basis for health reasons or as a supplement, Ceylon Cinnamon is the preferred choice. Ceylon Cinnamon is also perfect for desserts because it is subtle, smells very mild and is slightly sweeter in taste, but adds a very complex flavor. The aroma it gives off is a very sophisticated and fragrant smell. Because Ceylon Cinnamon tends to be mild and sweet, it lends itself to creating sophisticated layers of flavors that is not possible with the other Cinnamon varieties.

Ancients used it for purification, prosperity, protection, love, increased psychic energy.


For Tea: Boil 8 oz water, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the loose herbs (you can use a tea ball, french press, or other way to strain herbs or leave them in the tea for a super strong brew), steep 10 to 15 minutes, drink hot. Sweeten with a natural sweetener if desired.

Nurture your body with up to 3 cups a day.

As a seasoning: Add a 1/4 teaspoon to your food or drink.

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