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Chakra Balancing Kit - 7 Reiki infused, polished crystals

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Reiki infused crystal healing kit. Use these to focus your intentions in meditation or place them onto your chakras. It’s fine to cleanse them, the Reiki healing energy will stay unless you ask it to leave.

1 – root chakra – apache tear – black – absorbs negativity, especially stress and grief.

2 – sacral chakra – orange carnelian - creativity and passion

3 – solar plexus – tigers’ eye – yellow/gold – personal power, to help you along your path

4 – heart chakra – green aventurine – love, balance, and releasing energy blocks

5 – throat chakra – blue appetite – help you speak your truth with clarity and compassion

5 – third eye chakra – sodalite – darker blue – sees the truth and manifest your goals

7 – crown chakra – purple amethyst – peace and abundance in all areas of your life

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