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Chai Tea 2oz - Dried - Organic Blend

Chai Tea 2oz - Dried - Organic Blend

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Chai Tea (Organic China Black F.O.P. tea, cinnamon, Assam tea, cardamom seed, cloves, ginger root and black pepper.) You get 2 oz.

Beneficial for many health conditions, especially the heart. This traditional drink of India has a distinctively, delicious taste. It combines a mixture of organic black teas along with sweet and zesty organic spices to create a uniquely rich and spicy beverage. Chai Tea is usually sweetened, so try adding a pinch of stevia, a dash of vanilla, or even milk. It tastes great whether served hot or cold!

Warning: Contains Caffeine

 Flowery Orange Pekoe (F.O.P.) refers to a high-quality whole leaf tea with a long leaf and good balance of tips. FOP contains fine, tender young leaves with buds (referred to as tips) and is made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot. When harvested during the slow growth periods, these young buds have a golden tip, hence the grade 'Flowery', thus making it Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP).


For tea: Pour 8 oz of boiling water (212° F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 4-5 minutes or longer if desired. Optional: Add 2 oz of hot milk (or dairy substitute) and sweeten with honey or sugar to taste.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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