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Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis) - 2 oz.

Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis) - 2 oz.

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 Bay Leaves (Laurus nobilis) Common Names: Sweet Laurel, Bay Laurel, Indian Bay.

Organic. Kosher. May be used to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, & gas. Topically can help dandruff, rheumatism, & boils.

Used as a seasoning in soups & stews.

 Ancients used it to repel palmetto bugs, prosperity, protection, cleansing, psychic development, healing, & stress reduction. They are often written on & burned to manifest desires or release issues.

 Directions: Barely boil 8 oz. water, add 1 large bay leaf steep 3 - 15 minutes. Remove leaf, sweeten with a natural sweetener if desired

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