Hochoka Retreat Center Spirit Drum Workshop

Unleash the rhythm of nature with a Spirit Drum - where tradition meets sustainability. Secure your spot in our Spirit Drum Creation Workshop today and experience the art of using modern methods to craft Native American style frame drums with sustainably harvested hides.

Spirit Rising is thrilled to offer this opportunity to discover the modern take on the ancient art of Native American-style frame drum making through our Spirit Drum Creation Workshop at Hochoka Retreat Center!

There are also opportunities for optional horse medicine on Friday and Holotropic breathwork on Saturday morning. Scroll to the bottom for more details on that!  Go to www.healingwithhorses.com for more information or call Kimberly Clarke at 704 651 4800. Tent and RV boondocking spaces are very limited.

Saturday Sept 30th - 6:30pm - 8:30pm - Sand & stain your maple frame and place your chosen rawhide into sacred waters.
Sunday Oct 1 - 10am - 1pm - Make your drumstick and lace your drum. Time to complete each day is approximate.

SIGN UP NOW! (Deadline is August 28th)

Final Balance Payment

This deposit secures your spot in this unique and enriching experience, where you will learn drum birthing medicine from expert craftspeople. Our sustainably harvested hides ensure a high-quality product that honors both the animal and its spiritual significance. Not only will you gain a beautiful instrument with exceptional sound quality, but also a new appreciation for drumming. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, and musical enrichment today!

  • Create your own Native American style frame drum and connect with its animal medicine.
  • The sustainably harvested hides used in the workshop ensure ethical production practices.
  • With a $100 deposit, secure your spot at Spirit Drum Creation Workshop and take home a beautiful, well-crafted drum.

Drums are the heartbeat of Mother Earth. ​

Please be sure to wear your play clothes, since we will be staining the drum frames and there is water involved with stretching the hide. This is an all-day event. We take a one-hour lunch break and small breaks during the day. These drums have a nice, deep tone suitable for journeying, meditation, and fun at a drum circle. 

The remaining balance is due at the workshop.

Subject to availability.

Price Table:  

hide/size 10" 12" 14" 15" 16"
deer $133 $147 $246 $270 $300
elk $146 $160 $264 $288 $318
horse not offered $200 $318 $342 $372


Deer - Opens the heart chakra. The gentle spirit of the deer teaches us to follow its example in unconditional love, kindness and trust.

Elk - Gives the stamina, endurance & ability to pace yourself as you go through the edges from the known to the unknown. The vibration of elk opens the third chakra, the solar plexus.

Horse - takes its rider between realms & is the embodiment of living in balance with all realms & people. Horse teaches us that the gateways to power are compassion, caring, teaching, loving & sharing our gifts. 

$100 Deposits are required one month before Spirit Drum Creation workshops. There are no refunds. If you must cancel, please give us 24 hours notice! Once we put the hides into the water, they must be made the next day. 

The cancelation policy on drum birthing workshops depends on how much notice you give:

  • 24 hours notice - we will reschedule you at our convenience.
  • Less than 24 hours notice - we will build the drum for you. You can pay the balance due & shipping to receive it or use your deposit as store credit for any of our items within 60 days of your scheduled workshop. Store credit not used within 60 days will be considered a donation to Spirit Risings travel funds.
  • We will only reschedule you one time. 
  • If we must cancel due to an extreme emergency, we will reschedule for the soonest possible date.

    DAY 1 ~ SEPT 29
    Healing With Horses

    *Horse Medicine
    *Horse wisdom
    *Horses as teachers & healers
    *Equine-facilitated learning
    *Healing With Horses
    *Energy healing
    *Consciousness development

    DAY 2 ~SEPT 30
    Holotropic Breathwork

    Early in life, we learn to suppress our emotions
    physically by tensing muscles and restricting
    our breath. Over time, this protective process
    becomes chronic and automatic, and we lose
    the capacity to experience and express
    emotions. The accelerated breathing reverses
    this suppression, allowing for the release of the
    long-held emotional charges.

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