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Herbs for Tea
Herbs for Tea

Wild fig tree - Ojé (Willus ficus insipidus) 68 grams

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Wild fig tree - Ojé

(Willus ficus insipidu). 

Wild-crafted from the Amazon jungle. Loose, ground, dried leaves. A purgative that supports the release of parasites, balances & purifies the body & soul, & can ease anemia.


Ancients used this to cure a wide spectrum of physical and spiritual illnesses, or simply to invigorate the body.


Preparation and Administration:

Directions for the cleanse must be followed exactly!!!!


As an intestinal parasite remover- At the same time every morning, add 1 tablespoon of herbs to half a liter of boiling water. Let cool, strain, drink all of it. Repeat for 5 days.


DIET: During the treatment you cannot eat pork, msg, ajino-moto, chili pepper, salt, fried foods, canned food, do not drink alcoholic beverages, or take other drugs, do not have sex and do not smoke.



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