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Intuitive  "What the F" Reading - Spirit Rising
Intuitive  "What the F" Reading - Spirit Rising

Intuitive "What the F" Reading

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Are you feeling stuck? Facing a challenge? Not sure what to do next in order to live the way your higher self wants you to? Mike tunes in to spirit and asks how you can bring yourself back into alignment with what your soul wants you to be doing.

Questions answered in a 5 card WTF reading  are:

WTF is the challenge?

WTF is real about this?

WTF is wrong about this?

WTF do you need more information on?

WTF you can do to get past the challenge?

Mike will email the reading to you with pictures of the cards and what Spirit has told him they mean in your current situation. He usually does it on Sundays. This is so he can choose a time when he can fully tune in to SPIRIT and YOU, and receive the message that you need to hear. If he can do it sooner, he will.

Include your preferred email address when ordering, along with your question, if you have one. You do not HAVE to ask a question; the cards know why you want a reading.

All questions, feedback, and comments are welcomed and responded to as quickly as possible. Thank you and be blessed. 

 All readings are for entertainment only. Spirit Rising is not meant to be used as a replacement for any medical profession, emotional counseling, therapy or in any way intended to tell you what the future is. THIS IS NOT FOR THE CARDS, it's for an intuitive reading of the cards.

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