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Our Community

Healers, Coaches, &

Readers that We Love.

We believe a "healer" is someone that guides you to self healing, that "healers" are teachers and conduits for energy to flow through. It's up to YOU to accept the healing, and make the necessary changes in your life to facilitate further healing and growth.

We also believe that an energetic connection is important, and that we each have different experiences and needs, so there aren't any "one size fits all" "healers". For this reason, we have put together a list (more coming, it's not done) of people we have worked with. (alphabetically because we love them all equally!)

Ana Villa                          Coach & Yoga Instructor                       Tampa, Fl

Andrea Klim                     Astrology & Spiritual Insight                  Mt Dora, FL

Angelic Rey                     Coach & Tarot Reader                          Orlando, FL

Anita Scott                       Speaker-Teacher- Counselor               Orlando, FL

Oaken Fire Rythms          Djembe Builds & Repairs                     Deltona, FL

Symbology Tees               Cool clothes & Art                                Deltona, FL