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About Us

We carefully choose our sources, getting to know our suppliers and being certain everything we offer has a good energy. We do our best to have items that are ethically and sustainably harvested.

When you support us, you help us to live a life that is meaningful to us! These products are all things that we use in our spiritual practises. Thank you!


We get our medicines from our contact in the Shipibo tribe in the Iquitos, Peru.

They value integrity and sustainability, so they do all they can to make sure these are pure medicines that can continue to grow for generations. We were introduced to our friend/supplier, and taught how to make the medicines, by our Shaman as part of our training. She helped us to unlock our past memories of being medicine people.

We buy the ingredients in bulk from them. They grind the mapacho and ash for us, then we combine them into blends that we're inspired to make. It's a beautiful Ceremony, where we sing songs etc to the plants as we do it.

In case you like to know the titles:

Mike and Angela Canady have been apprenticed to a Peruvian Shaman since March 2017. Angela is an Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher and Medicine Woman. Mike is a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Shaman.

More about Angela:

Angela has been practicing Usui reiki Ryoho since 2002. She combines Reiki with guidance from her Spirit Helpers and combinations of crystals, and high vibration energy sounds (including a hand made spirit drum) to assist you in your healing process. Every healing session is different, but you will experience stress reduction, get your chakras balanced, and have your aura smoothed.

You may also experience: Pain relief, soul retrieval, attachment removal, connection with and/or messages from your higher self, guides, and ancestors.

More about Mike:

Mike sees you in 3. He sees your physical self, your ego, and your higher self. He can tell if you’re on the path your higher self was born to walk. He’ll call you on your BS as kindly as possible in order to help you be who you truly are!

Mike has a passion for plant medicines and indigenous tools. He intuitively uses his Shamanic training, resources, intuition, and Sacred Medicines (especially Mapacho) to connect with his Spirit Guides and assist in the healing process of many.