What is a Spirit Drum, and what does one do with it?

Every ancient culture had some form of drum, often a hand drum. 

Some call it a shaman drum, medicine drum, or hoop drum. We call it a Spirit Drum, because our name is Spirit Rising. We choose to use the word "spirit” instead of the words  god/goddess/source/universe/ancients/spirits and so one and so on. Spirit is whatever you know as divine.

A spirit drum is used for many reasons.        

  • Calling on Spirit
  • Grounding
  • Releasing stuck energy
  • Prayer
  • To make music
  • To teach
  • Connecting with the animal the drum was born from.

Deer teaches us to follow its example in unconditional love, kindness & trust. It balances the heart chakra.

Elk gives stamina, endurance & the ability to pace oneself. It balances the solar plexus chakra.

Buffalo is associated with wisdom and abundance. It's used when we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones. Buffalo teaches us to honor the paths of all as we walk with Spirit.

Horse takes its rider between the realms. It is the embodiment of living in balance with all realms & people. Horse teaches us that the gateways to power are compassion, caring, teaching, loving & sharing our gifts.

Moose is associated with self-esteem. It teaches us to trust ourselves to act in the moment, and to share our joy. Moose helps open the crown chakra to receive information from the divine, and to know when to share what with whom. (Currently unavailable)

 You can adopt one of the beautiful drums that we have given birth to, or you can build your own in one of our workshops! If you don’t see one near you, contact me to get one scheduled! We travel anywhere we can drive or fly to!

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