A message from Bobinsana

As you know, making any of our medicines is a Ceremony, a celebration of life. Today I had the task of making a more Universal Love  & Bobinsana Rapé. I've been feeling called to work with this medicine more and more, so I really took advantage of this opportunity.

I put all the electronic device notifications on silent, turned on Icaros and went within. I made a little Ceremony out of it all, spent an hour grinding the Bobinsana, singing her songs of praise and asking her to show me her lessons. I boiled my water, took her picture while she steeped, and drank the tea while I did some more grinding. Once I had enough ground herbs, I added the Mapacho. 

Then it was time to test the blend for quality and effectiveness. I always use a bit more medicine than usual when I do this. Nothing "heroic", just more. I sat at my altar, pulled my spirit animal card, played my himalayan bowl, and then completed my connection to Bobinsana by using the rape'. 

Bobinsana led me to call upon the Archangels Michael and Raphael, and all my other guides and ancestors, to do a cord cutting. It was time to let go of all relationships and attachments that are no longer for my highest good.

This medicine showed me that it is all about opening your heart, but also about sitting in compassion for YOURSELF and not letting others force you into their plans for you, but to step into your own greatest, highest purpose with no fear.

Removing those cords allows for me to break out out of my cocoon and fly like the butterfly!



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