Customs issue...FYI... they like to take things from people that aren't even illegal?

Here's what you can do!


We're not in the habit of asking for donations, and we don't like it. But there's some old saying that goes "if you don't ask, you don't receive." And another one my mom always says "it never hurts to ask". 

 We thank you in advance for your great generosity!!! Anything you feel compelled to give is incredibly helpful! Any positive thoughts you send at this issue are also appreciated!

We have $900 invested in this order! This is our full time jobs, and we rely on it to pay our bills.

 "The scoop"

 The pandemic shut Peru down for 3 months, leaving us incredibly low on many of the things we all love!  Now Peru is doing upgrades on the "cheap shipping" through Serpost, until June 30th, so we had to use DHL. It costs 3 times as much to use them!

We usually order 3 kilos of herbs at a time. Nothing illegal. That keeps us small and inconspicuous. We've never had a customs issue before.  There's nothing in our order that SHOULD have been a customs issue. We followed all the rules. 

But yesterday, we were notified our package is being held for further examination. There is a possibility that it will be released, in 30 to 3 million days. Or it might be burned. We're hopeful that the order will make it here some time. It would be a shame for all those plants to be wasted!!

In the meantime, we need to place additional small orders so we can get you the plant medicines you've been purchasing from us. If there is something we're out of that you really want, let us know so we can prioritize it! We can safely order up to 6 items at a time.

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