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Chuchuhuasi – Angela’s Incredible Plant Journey

6-1-2020 - Monday

I had several reasons for choosing to do a plant dieta (diet) with Chuchuhuasi, a Master Teacher Plant from the Amazon.

  1. To cleanse and reset my mind, body, and spirit to be in full alignment with this phase of my life.
  2. To restore my womb.
  3. To ease my pre-menopause process.
  4. To feel sexy again.
  5. To reset my hunger meter. I was hungry to the point of anger (hangry) after just a few hours of not eating.
  6. To let go of feelings of being small and powerless.

The world is going through a chaotic time of rebirth. This year we have had massive wildfires, a pandemic, toilet paper & meat shortages, murder hornets, police brutality, protests, riots, and lies. I needed to get away from this and go within. I knew this medicine was calling to me, but I had no idea the depths of the relationship and healing I would receive when I fully opened to it.

I decided that for 3 days I would fully isolate myself, and that my diet would be extremely limited. No fats, oils, sugars, meat, dairy, carbs, processed food, or salt. I would eat only non-gmo, organic rice, bananas, and steamed cabbage. Only 1 cup of black coffee in the morning. No people, screens, social media, news, sex, or outside influence. I asked my husband (Mike) to go out of town while I did this, and he honored me by going to visit his family. We agreed I would check in twice a day to let him know I was doing well.

I already knew that Chuchuhuasi is a tree bark that is used to support stress reduction (emotional or physical) a healthy libido, ease nerve damage, muscle tension, diarrhea, IBS, dysentery, arthritis, rheumatism, lower back & joint pain, bronchitis, bacterial and viral infections, to facilitate healing after childbirth, and balance menstrual cycles. You can apply the tea to your skin or add it to your bath as an astringent or for skin infection. Chuchuhausi is one of the Master Teacher plants used in dietas. It is used to enter the spirit realm, especially when drank before bed.

Lessons put into my heart by Chuchuhuasi during my dieta to guide me:

  1. Release my guilt and shame.
  2. Learn to love myself fully.
  3. Focus on myself and what’s for me.
  4. Be here now, present, and aware.
  5. There is no disconnection, only loss of awareness of connection.
  6. Mindful Eating.

 The rest gets personal, and your experiences with Chuchuhuasi might be quite different. I found that it’s a very, potent, beautiful sexual energy. By not indulging in self pleasure, but rather holding onto the energy I was building, I was able to learn so much about myself, who I am when I’m alone.

I am going to use words like “Source” and “Spirit”. You can replace those words with whatever titles or names you prefer to use for whatever Gods/Goddess/Beings/Energy that you believe in.

11 am: My first cup of Chuchuhuasi tea and meditation –

To heal my womb, I must release my guilt & shame, and love myself. When I remember how to LOVE myself, sexually too, I will be able to find joy in life, and in sex again. This would apparently include being nude for my diet unless I had to go outside. To have no physical barrier between self and Source.

I find I still have a lot of guilt around my sons, for choices I made that changed our lives dramatically, in ways I have a hard time accepting. I found myself wondering how our lives would be different if I had done some things differently and considered journeying to other dimensions to see. I wasn’t sure if that would help me at all. Would I struggle to come back to my reality if I saw how it could have been? I decided for now, I will work on forgiving myself for my perceived failures and to stop pushing Mike away. To stop seeing him as a reminder of my failures, that the truth is we didn’t fail, and the things that happened to hurt me so much are neither of our faults.

There are things in our lives that feel WRONG to me. But I don’t know how to make them “right” or accept them. But how can I heal if I keep choosing to try to have control over something in which I have no control? How can I accept things if that means being okay with them? Is not accepting them allowing others to continue to inflict pain on me that I don’t deserve? Yes. Would accepting them end the pain? Yes. Does not accepting, change them or mean that I don’t love my sons? No. So why can’t I accept that this is my life, even though it’s not what I planned on? Honestly, I don’t want to. Work on that.

12:30 pm – banana

2 pm – Chuchuhuasi and 1-hour full body massage. I find that the tea makes my lips numb and my “nether regions” tingly.

5:30 pm – 1 cup Chuchuhuasi rice (herbs cooked in the rice water).

9 pm – Chuchuhuasi & bed

Tuesday morning – Half a cup of black coffee and I drank my Chuchuhuasi as I walked our garden.

I spotted our first marigold bloom, I had tears of gratitude. I realized these 6 years living in this house (the longest I have ever lived in a place) that I didn’t do much gardening because we always wanted to move into something with a bigger shower. In March, it occurred to me that we need to be planting for Pachamama (earth mother), not for ourselves. So, we started doing it anyway. Since then we have found an RV to move into while we buy it, out of state, in the country, on a Lake! It could be partially that acting on our intentions to improve the world everywhere we go has put us more in alignment with the traveling house we want.

I felt an urge to be creative but couldn’t decide what to do.

Yopo Rape’ Journey – I don’t do this often, it's been over a year since last time,  but it is incredibly powerful medicine, and I was led by the tea to do it as part of my cleanse. At first, I fought the medicine, typical for me. About 5 minutes in, my body decided I had to vomit, but had forgotten my trash can. So, I got one. Then I had to potty. But nothing happened in either of those areas, it was my mind trying to keep me from going in to the unknown and giving up control.

Then I was getting glimpses of light, like a door being cracked open in the corner. I got a message to stop thinking or focusing on what’s going on around me, to focus on nurturing myself and what’s for m