Angela's ThetaHealing experience testimonial

On Sunday, during my intense 3 days of advance ThetaHealing course, I also invested in myself and my healing journey by having a private 90 minutes session with Joyce Haddad, my teacher.

I released so much in my private session! We worked on #ancestralhealing and #pastlife trauma; on anything that came up, and #untangeled me! My Mom, Dad, husband, kids, childhood trauma, horrible kindergarten teacher. We did #thetahealing, #breathwork, #spiritualdivorce. We used #essentialoils #pressurepoints We released and resolved issues in all dimensions, and replaced "negative" feelings with "positive" ones.

Because of this session and the practice sessions with my classmates/friends I am feeling happier, sexier, eating better, and completely empowered to stand FULLY in MY divine and authentic truth; in ways that I have never felt comfortable before! All the energy workers I have seen since then have commented that my aura is GIANT and GLOWING. People that don't even see auras are seeing it!

If you're interested in the ancestral healing part of my journey, keep reading! I feel there is a little bit of background info to give for part of this; so you can see just how powerful it is. For as long as I can remember, I have been strongly attracted to the Native American culture. I am only 5% Canadian indigenous (plains Cree, from the Peace River-Alberta area), but that hasn't stopped me from feeling drawn to it. 

This blood comes from my fathers line in a couple places. But the woman I have always been drawn to is called Catla. The family story is that she was from the Alberta Canada area, where the Hudson River Trading post was. I was told this native woman married into my family, then moved to Iowa. Years later, she rode away on horseback with her two youngest children.

It wasn't until I did an ancestry spit test that I was able to connect with that side of my family. I was told the young woman were often traded away for furs. Catla was about 13 when she was "married" and started having children. (side note, I actually look a LOT like one of her daughters).

A couple months ago I was in a #familyconstelations session with #lionessalyssa In that, we found the reason I don't feel my family is whole is from something that happened 6 generations ago, and it hasn't been whole since then. I knew where that happened, but double checked, and sure enough, Catla was 6 generations ago! After this session, it also started to feel a lot like I was Catla. If not her, definitely carrying the weight of her family losses around.

In the healing session with Joyce, I brought Catla in right away. I knew if I was ever going to be able to heal my own family losses (which are many!) that I HAD to heal hers too. She carried a tremendous amount of guilt for leaving her older children behind when she went back to her people. Something she was never able to let go of, until now! We healed this trauma together!!!

And now, a few days later, I was able to say that my family is whole in a conversation with a friend. Now, my youngest son died suddenly at age 17 a little over 5 years ago, and my oldest son has been estranged for 3 years; meaning I also have lost contact with my daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. I love all of these being so very much, and have just wanted more than anything for my family to be whole.

So for me to be able to say that my family is whole, and BELIEVE it, and not be angry at the ones that caused the perceived split anymore, because there is no separation in spirit...........IS A HUGE DEAL!!!!

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